About Osa


With so many producers, beat makers and bedroom engineers it's hard to filter out the finest talent. When you ask Osa what he brings to the table, he'll tell you "a two hit combo, producing and rapping". The Healer brings a fresh new sound to music production and with hip-hop as his engine he shatters boundaries left and right.

He was raised in Silver Spring, MD and is now living in Washington, DC. Osa fell in love with the idea of telling stories through music and recognizes its incredible importance in movies, video games and other productions. This is part of the reason he started rapping. Lunch tables and countertops became his early platform for beat making. His love for the art of producing and rapping began in his late teens and went from a hobby to becoming a serious talent. Late nights at his computer creating turned him into a self diagnosed insomniac and his motto is "Dont Sleep" until he awakens minds through his music.

As far as production, he prefers not be confined to a genre because his style is simply too diverse although his primary influence is hip-hop. Osa grew into music through a melting pot of art and culture. Osa's beats are very reflective of his influences which include not only hip hop artists but also various musical geniuses close to his Nigerian and Jamaican heritage such as Fela Kuti, Carlos Santana and Bob Marley.

Inspired by numerous genres of music, anyone can take note of the powerful new wave of beat making pronounced through his sound. Osa's production style almost doesn't even require an emcee at times because of his strong audio concepts painted by his intricate thoughts. Despite that fact, he still has no problem putting his best "spit" forward when it’s time to get in the booth.